Can you help for job or business. Please read this 

Dear friends

I am Shivakumar from India, Karnataka state, Gadag district. Actually I am worked before some institutions those are rural areas and there payment very low also changing workers 2 to 3 years last year i left one institute.

I am graduating in commerce and corresponding masters degree also. The real problem is I am staying in Native place and I am not ready to leave this place because my family very critical position in local so I am not ready to leave the place also my economic condition very critical so  I am not start small business. 

So I want you are helping me.  if you have good option, agencies help or home business, local marketing services or business, supporting your business or anything I request you please please help me. I am now critical situation. For personal contacts, mobile :919686808661 

I wait for your response….. Your’s one Shivakumar.

Good day 

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