Reducing weight way 2

This one second and very simple way also no cost and it’s can possibly any where and any time getting  this helps. This  way is yoga mudra. I don’t know how many people know about this mudra, so I say simple about mudra then you get information in image only one mudra for reducing your weight.

A mudra is performed to direct the flow of energy through the body for different purposes like healing the body or calming the mind. The entire body can be used as a mudra, but the most common form is the hand, or Hasta (hand) Mudra.
It is said that our hands hold each of the basic elements: fire (thumb), air (index finger), space (middle finger), earth (ring finger) and water (pinky finger). When we use these elements within our bodies, we are able to direct the flow of energy to the brain and even stimulate different emotions, spiritual connections or reactions from the body.
With this movement of energy within the body, mudras can be used for healing as well. According to Ayurveda, if some of these basic elements are out of balance, the body can be too. And if the body has too much or too little of an element, disease can form.
Many of the elements do not interact well with each other. For instance, fire and water can cause an imbalance . . . too much fire in the body can lead to inflammation and too much water can douse the fire and lead to indigestion. Hasta mudras can be used to bring the balance back to the body by redirecting the elemental energy.
So many mudras are used different problems this one for about reducing weight. 

Comment if you have any questions. I will help you…….. Shivakumar 

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