Reduce weight way 1

Dear friends this is very simple and low price formula for reducing your weight, I think it’s helpful to you. After reading you have any questions comment me and also I send another options in next post. Thank you….. Shivakumar 

In the morning the nail warm water includes lemon juice and drink. Drink an orange juice or apple juice at 10 o’clock. Drink a glass of green tea at 12 o’clock. Drink a glass of water and carrot juice for a single hour. Drink a cup of green tea at three o’clock. Drink natural juice at 5 o’clock. At 7 o’clock a green tea, a grape juice at 9 o’clock at night. Drink asleep at night before bedtime sleeping with lime juice in warm water. Do not add any sweetness in these juices. That is not to add sugar. If you want to be tired while preparing grape juice, it’s OK to have a little honey. If you do this diet regularly, you will notice that your belly fat is suddenly decreased within 24 hours. However, the fat in the body is just one day deposit, but the days, months and more if you have been raised over the years should be done at least twice a week. Great results appear in two to three weeks. If they do it one day per week, the amount of waste fat dissolves in the body.

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