The Last Chance 

The Last Chance 

The person always try to get a chance, he lot of effort to get big success in that chance but a person unsuccessful in the lot of chances and another person big success in less chance. Both of in front of the public or company or family etc.. Those are  blame unsuccessful person and good wishes to success. 

Actually the success person less learn get success but unsucceser lot of learning about every steps to get success but he in front of the success and impression that first of the best not right always actually Last impression best impression. 

If both people take a single work and those face to face that he situation  less chance  taker knows only two three ways to do this but unsucceser know lot of ways because he knows what are all wrong ways so finishing work in less time and less chances also less effort because he knows this your Last Chance. 

Do without dai…. Shiva

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